Health Benefits of Movement & Martial Arts

by Chief Instructor Carey Stone

Martial Arts isn’t just blocking kicking & punching!

Although inherently the Martial Arts have been used for Fighting and Self Defense, this is but a small portion of what the Arts are about! Health & peace of Mind has to be the #1 concern plaguing North America! We go to work, School, raise our kids! Surmounting pressures & stresses including the necessities of day to day living can become unbearable at times to some with out some type of constructive outlet to burn off steam & keep the circulation strong!

All we have is Time, it’s how we spend our Time that is important! How can we add or make time for us amid the dysfunction of Life’s anxieties? How do we turn off the brain, the voices in our head? When we have a task at hand & methodically go about doing, everything else goes away, this is a form meditation therapy! We are doing with out thinking as we have done it so many times! Life can become monotonous! Breaking the pattern by doing something constructive for your mind & body has many benefits! Learning new movements creates new neuropathways from the brain, exercise moves blood & helps to dissipate toxins from the body, improves circulation improving organ health & gives us peace of mind & longevity. Breathing methods in our Chi Kung classes, help to increase the oxygen levels in the brain & body allowing us to think more clearly & move more easily! Tai Chi strengthens the lower limbs, the posture in our spine & is also moving meditation. Kickboxing, improves cardio, strength & the ability to respond to situations with out thinking! Kung Fu & Karate have so many variations of movement to create strength, power, quickness & speed! Commitment to a regular regime of training instills responsibility & integrity while the actual training improves mental & bodily functions. For children & youth; it helps give confidence, motivation, honor & is a constructive activity, enhancing mental function physical abilities & helps with almost every facet of life!