Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Competitions

Martial Arts Competitions are not mandatory for students at Tiger Dragon.

While Martial Arts Competitions are a valuable learning forum for developing one’s skills and abilities in a live situation, we believe that achievement and skill need not be determined in a competition setting.

Tiger Dragon regularly holds gradings to assess and award rank and new belt levels.  Opportunities to gain new rank and belts are held roughly every 2 months.

Preparing for Competition

Competition preparation and goal setting is a huge motivator, which helps students in a variety of areas.

Speaking to judges, performing in front of peers, maintaining focus, and properly executing the presentation are vital and useful skills inside and out of the competition ring.

Competing for one year was the equivalent – for me – of 3 years of training.  There is no more effective, fast way to improve your skills and experience!

-Sifu Carey

Competition Information

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