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Toronto’s best Kung Fu Classes and Private Lessons are available at Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre.  

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Kung Fu group classes are available throughout the week at Tiger Dragon.

Classes range from beginner to advanced, and are taught by experienced expert Master Instructor and Certified Teachers.

Group settings are highly educational and focus on team skills, mentorship, and leadership.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available throughout the week, scheduled individually to meet your scheduling needs and to give you the highest level of personal instruction. First class $25.00.

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One the most fierce styles in Martial Arts, including the White Tiger style, possibly the most powerful & brutal of all styles. Developed in the feudal age, one had to survive and against multiple opponents. Each strike or block was to cripple, maim or kill! When the Tiger faces combat it confronts force with force, utilizing a hard and external approach to subdue its opponent. The skills tiger style encompasses are necessary for all armed and hand-to-hand combat.

More of an internal part of the arts, the soft being more powerful than the hard, has the control to use as little as possible to gain the best results, mind and body!

The Dragon was a symbolic guardian to the gods, and was the source of true wisdom. It represents two of the ancient elements, Earth and Water, endowing the creature with powers of illusion and strength. Buddhists saw it as a vision of enlightened truth, to be felt, but never to be held. Aikido embodies dragon elements. The Dragon does not use force against force rather, using the force of an attacker against themselves, also, rerouting power for its own benefit!

Breathing techniques enhance this style for internal power & health, moving cultivating & storing Chi, also, oxygenating the blood throughout the body & brain to enhance both physical & mental awareness & ability!

The Crane was and is one of the original systems of martial arts to have fathered the many different systems that are the different styles of martial arts today characteristics of the Crane include wide-armed, wing-like movements, high kicking, and the crane’s beak, a hand weapon made by joining the fingertips firmly. White Crane combines defense and attack and uses both soft and hard power. It also emphasizes a firm yet evasive footwork.  The style is renowned, however, for its rapid hand techniques, its strikes executed in conjunction with grabs and its devastatingly effective pressure point attacks.
Leopard focuses on aggressive speed and agility & is also known as Panther style. Instead of blocking an incoming technique, the leopard movements would use a slight shift out of the way followed immediately by a series of fast attacks. As it is a smaller relative of the Tiger the Leopard rely’s more on speed, angles, leaping & cunning.
Snake style has characteristics of Jujitsu, Wing Chun & modern MMA for it’s ability to grapple, hold, wrap, lock, divert, constrict, control with speed, finesse, accuracy & oneness, using the entirety of itself! The Snake Proponents claim that adopting the fluidity of snakes allows them to entwine with their opponents in defense and strike them from angles they wouldn’t expect in offense. Snake style is said to especially lend itself to applications with the Chinese straight sword. The snake is also one of the animals imitated in Yang family Taijiquan (T’ai chi ch’uan), Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. The sinuous, fluid motion of the snake lends itself to the practical theory that underlies the “soft” martial arts.

What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is the circle from which most all Martial Arts Styles emanate from! The literal meaning is “Hard work over a long period of time.” This can be applied to anything; movement, thought & application in a Martial sense, academic, sport, art, writing, etc…

A Kung is an almost impossible feat for  the average person! Through practice & perseverance one can accomplish almost anything!

The Martial Arts have developed over thousands of years of tradition, practice, change & adapting! The volume of different styles are as vast & different as the individuals whom  led the way including  the ones that continue to evolve to this day.

Kung Fu differs from person to person as no two people are the same, so is their view & expression of the art! Although we may learn from a common teacher or way, each person will & should grow into themselves. Bruce Lee developed Jeet Kune Do in the mid 1900’s. A revolutionary way of helping people to grow & adapt movement to their liking or to what works for them. As it is considered a style less system Bruce had a vast back ground of training in many styles!

Tiger Dragon has combined many animal styles & ways into a comprehensive system exposing the masses to a variety of ways of thinking & application.

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