Self-Defense Toronto

Classes, Lessons, Workshops, On-site Courses

Self-defence classes in Toronto are available at Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre.

Self-defence is part of the regular training program at Tiger Dragon, and is also available in the following specific modules listed below – including private lessons.

_DS34611Women’s Self-Defence Seminars

Women’s self-defence is different from all other programs taught at Tiger Dragon.

Protection against certain types of assault requires a greater degree of personal freedom to take action.  While not advocated, this action can sometimes become necessary, and is effectively taught at Tiger Dragon. Call us now for more details.

Seminar Details

Individual Seminars are available in two varieties:

  1. Introduction to Self-Defence (1.5h)
  2. Self-Defence Part II (1.5h)

The 5 Rules of Self Defence

The core of our Self Defence program revolves around 5 safety-first rules A.M.B.E.R.

Escape & Exit

These fundamental strategies are guaranteed to even the odds and boost your personal safety and self-confidence.

Kids & Teens

Kids & Teens self-defence classes at Tiger Dragon are designed to be age-appropriate, while teaching all of the fundamentals and techniques for proper self-defence.

Self-defence at Tiger Dragon is non-aggressive, and places an emphasis on our proprietary ‘5 Rules for Self-Defence’ which are based on the avoidance of confrontation.

Opponent Training_DS34670

In-class instruction includes opponent training with other
students, allowing them to mentor and improve each others’ skills.

This builds self-confidence, trust, and allows for improvement and refinement of skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

Adult Self-Defense Classes

These classes are the same as our regular training classes, but in an all-adult environment, assuring a high level of teaching, with minimal distractions, and real, hands-on self-defence technniques.

On-Site Courses and Training

Tiger Dragon offers customized on-site training for you and your organizations.  We’ll come to your facility and workshop, or do a series of trainings to ensure you get the customized experience you are looking for.

Schools – Lunch & After-School Programs

Catering to kids aged 4-16, these programs are mixed age in your school’s setting.


Productivity, Efficiency, Team Building & Stress Relief are central to a martial arts workshop with your company.

Custom Packages

What do you need?  We’ll work with you to make a fully customized training, workshop, or seminar to meet your group’s needs!